Being Launched from the Comfort Zone

The last week has been a wild ride for many of us in the United States and abroad.  A wrench was thrown into my normal (although never regular) schedule of museum visits, research design, and conference attendance.  All of a sudden, I became a substitute classroom teacher to a first grader, all the while practicing social distancing and trying to adapt to my new working situation.

But as the news began unfolding rapidly last week and our lives changed in pace with developments in information, I did find some Zen.  Radical interruptions like we are experiencing provide great opportunities.  At RK&A, we often utilize the visualization of the learning zone, nestled between the comfort and panic zones.  We are currently being forcibly pushed out of our comfort zones.  “Pushed” may even be a little too gentle to describe what is happening.  More accurately, the little cartoon in my head shows us being shot from a cannon out of the comfort zone.  While the panic zone may seem to be a likely landing place, I am opting to open my parachute of creativity and land in the learning zone.  History tells us that important innovation arises from challenging times.  As Stephanie wrote on New Year’s Eve 2019, almost as a harbinger of what was to come in 2020, static can be comfortable but dull and uninspiring.  So, strap on your parachute, and let’s get creative and learn together to get through this!

Leonardo da Vinci’s parachute drawing
Image credit: https://fineartamerica.com/featured/2-da-vinci-parachute-1485-science-source.html?product=art-print

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