Join the Conversation – Thinking Critically about Outcomes

On Wednesday, October 7th from 2-3pm EDT, RK&A’s Randi Korn, Amanda Krantz, and Cathy Sigmond will host RK&A’s second Twitter chat on thinking critically about outcomes, using the hashtag #RKAchat.  To join the conversation make sure your tweets include this hashtag. 

Why this topic?

Last week, Randi wrote a blog about the usefulness of outcomes in museum practitioner’s planning—highlighting that outcomes aren’t just for evaluation as some may assume. In the post, she posits why practitioners may shy from using outcomes more frequently in their work even though their identification and clarification are critical to achieving success (for exhibitions, programs, and otherwise). We would like to hear your take on outcomes, including what value you see in them and the challenges to using them in your work.

Twitter Chat Questions

During the Twitter chat, @IntentionalMuse will tweet numbered questions (for example, “Q1: How do you (or your museum) use outcomes in your work? #RKAchat”).  Your response tweet should reference the question (for example, “A1: We write learning objectives for school programs but not family or public programs. #RKAchat”).

Q1: How do you (or your museum) use outcomes in your work?

Q2: What do you find most useful about outcomes for your work?

Q3: What are the barriers to using outcomes in your work?

Q4:How might you use outcomes for planning your work?

How to Participate

If you do not already have one, create a Twitter account.  On Wednesday, October 7thfrom 2-3pm EDT, tweet using the hashtag #RKAchat.  You can monitor the tweets related to the chat by searching for #RKAchat on Twitter.

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