RK&A is excited to announce that Randi Korn will be giving the Keynote Address at the Small Museum Association Conference in College Park, Maryland next week, February 17!  This year, the SMA conference theme is “Honoring the 100th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage: Museums as Catalysts for Social Change.” In the Keynote, Randi will explain the...
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Last week, we at RK&A were delighted at the release of the NAEA/AAMD impact study exploring the effects of facilitated single-visit art museum programs on students in grades 4 to 6.  A common question that we have fielded since we first shared preliminary results of the NAEA/AAMD study at the NAEA National Convention in March...
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One of the amazing benefits of working as an evaluator with a variety of institutions is the opportunity for personal learning.  Having an art-history background, I find myself learning the most when I’m placed in non-art environments—reading about fault lines and earthquakes at the California Academy of Science, or getting my hands dirty while exploring...
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