Samantha Theriault
Join Randi Korn on Thursday, February 28th at the Thornton Theater, San Diego History Center for a conversation about her new book! Randi will discuss her book, Intentional Practice for Museums: A Guide for Maximizing Impact, with Beth Redmond-Jones, Vice President of Engagement and Education at the San Diego Natural History Museum.  The book is...
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Evaluators love data! We at RK&A work hard to translate data into visualizations to clarify and communicate the essential ideas of the data. When I learned about the “Dear Data” project, I became inspired and suggested that we talk about it at one of our bi-weekly coffee breaks. “Dear Data” is a project by designers...
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Last month, we discussed “The Lost Art of Urban Tracking,” an excerpt from The Urban Bestiary by nature writer Lyanda Lynn Haupt. In this chapter, Haupt describes observation as a practice which “requires in equal measure contemplation, curiosity, art, wonder, poetry, play, and love.” Looking at the word’s Latin roots, ob- and servare, Haupt suggests...
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While waiting to get my hands on Nina Simon’s newest book, The Art of Relevance, I enjoyed working my way through her blog, Museums 2.0.  I was especially touched by a pair of posts I’d read just before Labor Day weekend: (1) a “sneak peek” of The Art of Relevance; and (2) an honest, reflective...
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