30 Years of Learning Series

Over the course of this year, our staff will reflect on the ways we have changed over the last 30 years (with some of us able to recall further back than others), and we will share those reflections here.  All of us invite you to comment on our posts, as learning is most invigorating when it is reciprocal.

I’ve enjoyed reading my colleagues’ previous posts on their personal journeys of growth at RK&A—Stephanie’s realization that learning is circular, Emily’s thoughts about the messiness of project communication, Erin’s growth in questioning and active listening, and Amanda’s musings on balancing the needs of systematic evaluation with visitor experience. It is invigorating and inspiring to hear...
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Emily’s post inspired me to think about how I have also embraced some of the messiness of our work, but in another vein—the tension between evaluation and visitor experience. As an evaluator, I love order. Evaluation, by definition, is the systematic examination of the successes and shortcomings in the context of intended impact—systematic being critical...
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This blog post holds a lot of meaning for me. Not only am I thinking about the 30th anniversary of RK&A and all of our accomplishments, I’m also reflecting on my time here as I prepare to move on to another institution (I’ll be working at the Detroit Institute of Arts!)  In other words, I’m...
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Communication complicates the best laid plans—that is what I have been pondering recently as I reflect on what I have learned in my 11 years working for RK&A.  Communication is pervasive in every aspect of our work, and in life.  It is both omnipresent and invisible, hovering somewhere in the background of every project, waiting...
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Last month I announced that 2019 marks RK&A’s 30-year anniversary, and I described the ways we have continually learned during that span of time.  I pointed out, that for me, the greatest learning happens from doing our work and promised that we would share some examples over the next 12 months.  I sat down to...
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2019 marks RK&A’s 30th anniversary.  Randi began the company in 1989 after working first as a designer and then as an evaluator, and seeing that all too often exhibitions were developed without visitors taken into account.  I joined RK&A 10 years later in 1999, after deciding I wanted to put my evaluation skills to work...
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