active listening
I’ve had the pleasure of reading my colleagues’ RK&A at 30 reflections over the past few months before sitting down to write my own.  Even still, it’s been tough to distill my feelings about my own personal growth into words.  As Stephanie said, recognizing learning is hard because it is often non-linear and happens slowly...
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This blog post holds a lot of meaning for me. Not only am I thinking about the 30th anniversary of RK&A and all of our accomplishments, I’m also reflecting on my time here as I prepare to move on to another institution (I’ll be working at the Detroit Institute of Arts!)  In other words, I’m...
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Effective and clear communication is a skill that all evaluators must master but sometimes those of us in the evaluation field forget that we may be speaking a foreign language to our clients. We become comfortable with acronyms like IRB or throw around names for data collection methods like surveys, focus groups, naturalistic observations, and...
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