Before attending this year’s MCN Conference in Denver, I had never heard of keynote speaker Amber Case. Now, I’m mildly obsessed. Case is a “cyborg anthropologist.” Put simply, she studies how humans’ relationship with technology is changing the way individuals and cultures think, act, and understand our worlds.  In her keynote, Case discussed the 8...
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You can’t escape technology in museums. Visitors use smartphones to take pictures. Exhibits use touch screens and high-tech interactives to share stories and information. Programs use technology to help visitors engage. Everywhere you look there is a screen . . . until you encounter an evaluator armed with a clipboard and a pencil. I don’t...
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That’s right, you “app-ed” for it, a post about the intentional use of apps and mobile technology in museums.  I admit that I come to this post with a rather skewed perspective, for when my phone vibrates, it’s not a shiny wide-screened smart phone that I pick up, but my good ole’ 2008 vintage RAZR. ...
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I know I am not alone in my observation that the quality of technology in museum galleries can be highly variable and too often disappointing in its ability to engage, impart knowledge, or truly enhance visitors’ museum experiences.  The recent integration of technology into the Cleveland Museum of Art by the media design firm Local...
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