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The latest research-backed posts on museum audience behavior, in person or virtual, current or prospective.

Like me, you have probably seen dozens of friends and/or celebrities participating in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, may have participated yourself, or at least heard about it on the news. While the challenges have slowed since peaking about a week ago, they have reached broadly through my network. I was particularly surprised to see...
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Today’s Throwback Thursday comes from deep in the RK&A vault – a study we did in 2002 for the National Museum of American History (NMAH) in Washington, DC. — For Which It Stands: The American Flag in American Life [2002] Study Context The National Museum of American History, Bering Center (NMAH) asked RK&A in 2002...
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I’ve always loved solving puzzles. And to me, people are the most fascinating puzzle of all. Perhaps that’s why I studied two people-focused topics as an undergraduate- biological anthropology and history. Not only was I curious to learn about how our evolutionary past has shaped human behavior, but I also wanted to understand how our...
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As evaluators, we work with museum professionals to collect data around problems they are facing, and not so surprisingly, museums often face similar problems.  In my six years with RK&A, I have definitely seen trends, and certainly in RK&A’s 25 years, the company has as well.  For this reason, I sometimes find myself wondering whether...
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