This week we welcome our guest blogger Carol Ann Scott, editor of Museums and Public Value: Creating Sustainable Futures! Randi Korn & Associates invited me to guest blog on a subject that has important links to intentionality. My passion is the value of museums- how we articulate that value, measure it and create it. So...
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I know I am not alone in my observation that the quality of technology in museum galleries can be highly variable and too often disappointing in its ability to engage, impart knowledge, or truly enhance visitors’ museum experiences.  The recent integration of technology into the Cleveland Museum of Art by the media design firm Local...
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In celebration of the NAEA conference a few weeks ago, we tweeted out two articles about art museums.  The first, “The Power of a Masterwork,” was written by Brian Ferriso, Director of the Portland Museum of Art (see the March/April 2013 edition of Museum also shared at ).  When I read this article for...
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Several months ago, I came across the report about young people and volunteering (you can check out the report here).  Intrigued, I read it with a mind toward how museums might attract a piece of this teen-volunteering pie.  As we all know, volunteers are vital to museums.  The report and other articles I...
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