Personal Reflection
On April 17, 2012, the Space Shuttle Discovery was delivered to Dulles International Airport on the back of a specially designed Boeing 747.  I know many people in the DC area saw it that day as it flew past the Washington Monument and other national landmarks; I saw it from the balcony of my apartment,...
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Two weeks ago, I attended the Learning Value of Children’s Museums Research Agenda Symposium.  When I received an email from the project evaluator asking me about what most resonated from the first day of the symposium, I found that my most immediate thoughts had nothing to do with children’s museums, despite the many interesting conversations...
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In July, we moved our office.  Even though we were just moving across the street, moving is moving.  Books, articles, reports, journals, files (I’m not paperless as much as I try), drawer contents—everything needed to be boxed and labeled.  Intentionally, I had accumulated articles that filled two large file drawers—all the ones I collected in...
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A personal account of what is a too-common story for many across this vast country of ours—how my childhood home became FILLED WITH STUFF!  Not just ordinary stuff—like my 4th grade math homework—but the stuff that makes The Museum of Mom and Dad… Almost 60 years ago, a pack rat married a hoarder, and together...
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In the American Alliance of Museums’ Center for the Future of Museums’ Trendswatch 2013: Back to the Future report, released earlier this year, a trend to watch out for is the “Urban Renaissance” (check out the report here).  After years of people moving out of the cities into the suburbs, “the United States is experiencing...
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In celebration of the NAEA conference a few weeks ago, we tweeted out two articles about art museums.  The first, “The Power of a Masterwork,” was written by Brian Ferriso, Director of the Portland Museum of Art (see the March/April 2013 edition of Museum also shared at ).  When I read this article for...
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