Natural History Museums

National Museum of Natural History

Washington, DC

Evaluation Findings
Organizational Influence of Q?rius, 2019

Audience Research
Visitor Experience Master Plan, 2016

Literature Review Report Summaries
Meta-Analysis Report Summaries, 2016

Exhibition Evaluation, Summative
Last American Dinosaurs, 2015

Exhibition Evaluation, Summative Click Here for Evaluation Study
Q?rius, 2014

Program Evaluation, Formative
STEAM Workshops, 2014

Audience Research and Exhibition Testing
Deep Time, 2014

Engagement Research
Deep Time, 2014

Exhibition Evaluation, Formative
Deep Time Anthropocene, Phases I and II, 2014

Program Evaluation, Front-end
Collections Management Training Program for Latin American and Caribbean Professionals, 2008

Exhibition Evaluation, Front-end
Written in Bone, 2006

Exhibition Evaluation, Summative
Listening to the Prairie: Farming in Nature’s Image, 2003

Exhibition Evaluation, Summative
Insect Safari, 2001

Program Evaluation, Summative
Discovery Room’s Early Childhood Initiatives, 2000

Exhibition Evaluation, Front-end
Tigers!, 1995

Exhibition Evaluation, Summative
Spiders!, 1995

Concept Evaluation
Geology, Gems and Minerals, 1991

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