Emily Skidmore

Senior Researcher | Projects Lead


Emily has always been fascinated by behavior in its many forms, whether exploring the motivations of visitors to a museum program or the social interactions of non-human primates.  In her work with RK&A, she relishes the opportunity to work on a variety of evaluation and planning projects, including impact planning work that uncovers the heart of an organization through the exploration of its individual staff’s passions.  Emily has an undergraduate degree in biological anthropology and anatomy and a graduate degree in Museum Education from The George Washington University.  She has served as a guest lecturer for the Museum Studies program at The George Washington University and, most recently, co-authored a book chapter with Stephanie Downey on evaluating citizen science programs for youth audiences.  In her personal time, Emily enjoys outdoor adventure travel, hot yoga, and baking elaborate birthday cakes for her two young daughters.

Emily Skidmore

Published Works, Select Articles By Emily Skidmore

“An Impact-Driven Approach to Evaluating Citizen Science Programs for Youth”
In Enhancing STEM Motivation through Citizen Science Programs, 2019.
Suzanne E. Hiller, PhD, and Anastasia Kitsantas 

Stephanie Downey and Emily Skidmore’s book chapter details the “who,” “what,” “how,” and “why” of evaluating citizen science programs for youth.  Follow this link  below to see the book on the publisher’s website. 

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“The Parental Role in Children’s Museums: Perceptions, Attitudes, and Behaviors.”
Museums & Social Issues, 2010.
By Stephanie Downey, Amanda Krantz, and Emily Skidmore

This article presents the results of audience research at a children’s museum in Philadelphia.  The research focuses on understanding the parental role in a children’s museum experience.  In particular, it identifies and explains three barriers to full parental participation. 

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