Katie Chandler

Senior Researcher | Systems Lead


Katie came to evaluation down a winding path from anthropology and market research.  This combination of experiences gives her a unique balance of curiosity about human thought and behavior and practicality to translate data into meaningful results.  At RK&A, she is responsible for executing a wide range of exhibition and program evaluations, educational research, and literature reviews with the aim of helping museums understand their impact on audiences and how they can learn and grow from every experience.  Katie enjoys using mixed methods to explore ideas through both a qualitative and quantitative lens because the results are always rich, and sometimes surprising.  She has published articles in Exhibition and Informal Learning Review, and frequently attends and presents at professional conferences like the American Association for State and Local History’s annual conference.  Outside the office, Katie enjoys exploring Richmond’s many parks with her family and her dog and trying out different group fitness classes at the gym.  

Katie Chandler

Published Works, Select Articles By Katie Chandler

“All Together Now: Using Cross-Departmental Collaboration to Articulate, Achieve, and Measure Impact at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.”

In Informal Learning Review. May/June 2019.

By Stephanie Downey, Randi Korn, and Katie Chandler

This article candidly details the struggles and successes experienced by staff at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences (NCMNS) Nature Research Center (NRC) as they came together from across the museum to collaboratively articulate and evaluate the intended impact of NRC exhibition experiences on visitors. 

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“Digital Interactive Experiences in a Children’s Museum.”
Exhibition, 2018.
By Katie Chandler and Jennifer Kalter

The Please Touch Museum recently launched a Digital Learning Initiative, moving toward creating a children’s museum experience that reflects the growing role of digital experiences in our lives today.  As a part of this initiative, PTM worked with RK&A to research emerging trends in digital experiences for children in museums and conduct audience research to explore visitor and stakeholder expectations around digital experiences in children’s museums. This article highlights key findings of the research, focusing on emerging approaches to digital experiences for children in museums, as well as visitor and stakeholder perceptions of and concerns about digital experiences. 


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“Inspiring Planet-Saavy Citizens: Evaluation as a Tool for Organizational and Social Change.”
Exhibition, 2017.
By Katie Chandler, with Kara Blond and Shari Werb

This article explores how the National Museum of Natural History and RK&A analyzed 10 years of museum evaluation to build the institution’s accumulated knowledge by identifying and understanding trends over time. It also discusses how the framework RK&A and the museum developed will enable the museum to consistently measure the results of critical exhibition content, and explore the museum’s longitudinal impact on visitor attitudes and engagement.

This article first appeared in the journal Exhibition (Fall 2017) Vol. 36 No. 2 and is reproduced with permission. www.name-aam.org

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The Winged: An Upper Missouri River Ethno-ornithology
University of Arizona Press, 2017.
By Katie Chandler, with Wendi Field Murray, Maria Nieves Zedeno, Samrat Clements, and Robert James 

This book integrates published and archival sources covering archaeology, ethnohistory, historical ethnography, folklore, and interviews with Native American to explore how relationships between people and birds are situated in contemporary practice, and what has fostered its cultural persistence.