Last year, my colleagues and I chatted about the work of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) to propose a new definition of museums.  We listened to the MuseoPunks podcast, which featured different speakers talking about their perspectives on the definition process.  At the time, I remember being intrigued by the discussions.  The old definition...
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RK&A is excited to announce that three of our staff members will be attending the American Alliance of Museums’ Annual Meeting next week!  Both Stephanie Downey and Amanda Krantz are presenting sessions at the meeting.  Stephanie will share a case study on digital learning from the Please Touch Museum on Wednesday morning.  And on Sunday,...
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I love a good story.  Who doesn’t?  It’s how we humans make meaning—we construct narratives to explain and interpret events both to ourselves and for others.  Think about the number of stories you tell or hear in a day, even the mundane ones.  It’s a way to form and sustain connections with others and to...
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This week I’d like to share thoughts about evaluative thinking, in part because two weeks ago I was part of a session at the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) annual conference in Baltimore titled “Evaluation as Learning” (titled as such because learning is the ultimate result of evaluative thinking).  We took a risk:  I set...
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