With enthusiastic support from Robert Mac West, editor and publisher of the Informal Learning Review (ILR), RK&A is pleased to share Emlyn Koster’s recent opinion, ‘Relevance’ of Museums: From Rhetoric to Reality? which was part of ILR’s pandemic-themed September/October 2021 issue.  Emlyn’s original article is reproduced in full below. It is followed by his additional...
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At RK&A, we think a lot about intentional practice and we encourage our clients to do the same. In planning meetings and reflection workshops, we ask clients to think about which elements of their work align with their institutional mission and vision (check out Randi’s blog post for more about the challenges of alignment). We...
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Over the years there have been pivotal moments in which we at RK&A tried something out-of-the- ordinary to meet the needs of a particular project that then became a staple in how we do things.  It wasn’t always clear at the time that these were “pivotal moments,” but in retrospect I can see that these...
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