Since the reality of coronavirus set in back in March, our RK&A team has been having a lot of conversations about study design.  Museum closures and social distancing have greatly impacted the way we do our work as evaluators.  They have affected our clients, project timelines, data collection methods, and access to study respondents in...
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A few weeks ago, we heard from Dr. Anthony Fauci: “You’ve got to understand that you don’t make the timeline, the virus makes the timeline.”  Fauci’s words ring ever-more true to me today than when he first spoke them.  Today marks the one-month anniversary of my daughter’s school closing, which has now extended through the...
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For the past few years, I’ve traveled to New York City every spring to do a guest lecture for a class of graduate students who are part of the Fashion Institute of Technology’s (FIT) Exhibition and Experience Design program. For obvious reasons, I couldn’t go in person this year, but luckily we were still able...
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I wrote this blog post two weeks ago before coronavirus had changed our world so drastically.  Museums Advocacy is more essential now than ever.  Please consider how you can be an effective museum advocate, and see AAM’s resources here: https://www.aam-us.org/2020/03/19/urge-congress-to-support-museum-community-economic-relief/   “What are you doing here?”  This was the question that greeted me from a...
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The last week has been a wild ride for many of us in the United States and abroad.  A wrench was thrown into my normal (although never regular) schedule of museum visits, research design, and conference attendance.  All of a sudden, I became a substitute classroom teacher to a first grader, all the while practicing...
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